Glenhawk provides swift, competitive short-term property finance, allowing clients to realise opportunities and progress developments. Loans typically range from £300,000 to £5 million, spanning the residential and commercial sectors.

With a senior leadership team deeply entrenched in the real estate and financial sectors, Glenhawk has a unique understanding of its clients’ challenges and offers a simple, flexible approach that makes it the long-term partner of choice for short-term property finance.

Founded in 2018 by long-term developer Guy Harrington, CEO, Glenhawk is also led by Director of Lending Nick Hilton, who has a background in asset management and bridging loans, having leant over half £billion of short-term property finance since 2008. Non-Executive Directors Harry Hill, former Founder of Rightmove and CEO of Countrywide, and Caroline Ong, former Octane Non-Executive Director also contribute their experience.

If you are passing the customers details to us and you wish for us to provide the advice, please download and complete the SBF Decision in Principle form. Alternatively, you can call 0800 830 3064 or email

If you wish to provide the advice to the applicant(s) yourself, please download and complete the relevant Glenhawk Enquiry Form. Remember, you must have the correct FCA permissions to be able to provide advice if the case is regulated. All other documents you will need are available to download in the Lender Documentation.

We are an accredited packager for Glenhawk, and they operate a limited distribution panel. To find out more, you can either:

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Pete Turner

Speaking at the Specialist Mortgage Web Show on 8th October 2020