Shawbrook Bank is a specialist second charge lender that launched in 2011. Their products are aimed at borrowers with a medium to good credit rating and their loans can be used for almost any legal purpose, including debt consolidation, home improvements, school fees, tax bills and business purposes.

We often find their products come out on top where a higher loan to value is required and in our experience are one of the most flexible lenders when it comes to borrowers aged over 65. They are also one of the best lenders for larger second charge loans.

Their income criteria is also very flexible, with alternative sources of income accepted as well as not requiring a minimum income amount. They use both a credit score and an income multiple to assess applications.

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If you are passing the customers details to us and you wish for us to provide the advice, please download and complete the editable SHF Decision in Principle form from the Lender Documentation tab below. Alternatively, you can call 0800 810 1888 or email

If you wish to provide the advice to the applicant(s) yourself, please download and complete the LPC Application Form. Remember, you must have the correct FCA permissions to be able to provide advice if the case falls under FCA regulation. All other documents you will need are available to download in the Lender Documentation tab.

Shawbrook Bank is a specialist second charge residential. They have a very restricted panel, so to find out more you can either:

Please download and save the documentation first before you add information.

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Decision in Principle v15

Where you wish to give the advice

Packaged Residential Second Mortgage Application Form v15
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Lender Product Guides & Criteria

Shawbrook Second Charge Product Guide 2021-01-05