As a provider of short-term bridging finance, Tuscan Capital recognises that you’re spoilt for choice. That’s why they’ve designed a lending proposition which they think stands out from the rest.

Working with Tuscan Capital, you’ll enjoy direct access to an experienced team which you can call any time. The process is straightforward to as it’s free from the credit committee hassles so often encountered elsewhere in the bridging sector.

You’ll also be secure in the knowledge that their funding lines are real, substantial and available for immediate use.

Tuscan Capital's bridging finance packages start at just £150,000 and from 0.75% per month.

If you are passing the customers details to us and you wish for us to provide the advice, please download and complete the SBF Decision in Principle Non-Regulated Bridging form for a straight-forward bridge loan or the SBF Decision in Principle Refurbishment form if there is an element of refurbishment. Alternatively, you can call 0800 830 3048 or email

If you wish to provide the advice to the applicant(s) yourself, please download and complete the Tuscan Form. Remember, you must have the correct FCA permissions to be able to provide advice. All other documents you will need are available to download in the Lender Documentation.

We are an accredited packager for Castle Trust Bank. To find out more, you can either:

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Jim Nash

Speaking at the Specialist Mortgage Web Show on 24th September 2020