As one of the UK’s prominent independent bridging finance providers, Market Financial Solutions (MFS) provide a range of fast and flexible bridge loans to all our intermediaries and clients. MFS have the ability to lend bridging finance to their clients in a prompt and professional manner

They lend to private individuals and on a commercial basis – terms and interest rates depend on their requirements. MFS understand that no two bridging finance deals are ever the same and they will always go that extra mile to identify the terms that suit their clients’ requirements.

Being a bespoke lender, their decisions are swift and with no red tape. The process is further quickened as MFS have in-house funds available and underwriters consistently on hand. From a simple application, to an offer, they simultaneously work with solicitors and valuers each step to completion, ensuring their clients can have access to funding within just a few days of making an enquiry.

With a strong track record of delivering results to their clients, you can be rest assured that their professional team will be able to identify and understand your specific requirements. The vast experience they have when it comes to dealing with bridging finance, coupled with their tenacity, allows them to provide the best possible service to every single client that they serve.

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