Central Trust has been providing Secured Loans for homeowners since 1988. Initially the largest second charge broker in the UK, they have been lending for over two decades, so they bring that broker mentality to every decision they make and have a can-do attitude.

Their products are aimed firmly at borrowers that do not qualify for the best products and lowest rates. Central Trust considers all credit history types, from excellent credit profiles to those with a poor credit history. They also consider unusual properties, including many defective construction types. They lend across the entire UK, including Northern Ireland.

They do not use a credit score or automatic decision making, and when it comes to assessing income, they do not use an income multiple to calculate affordability. Please take a look at the Second Charge Mortgage Product Guide in the drop-down below to see what else they can offer.

If you are passing the customers details to us and you wish for us to provide the advice, please download and complete the editable SHF Decision in Principle form from the Lender Documentation tab below. Alternatively, you can call 0800 810 1888 or email secured@specialisthub.co.uk.

If you wish to provide the advice to the applicant(s) yourself, please download and complete the LPC Application Form. Remember, you must have the correct FCA permissions to be able to provide advice if the case falls under FCA regulation. All other documents you will need are available to download in the Lender Documentation tab.

Central Trust is a specialist second charge residential lender. They have a very restricted panel, so to find out more you can either:

This lender has not yet presented at one of our Specialist Mortgage Web Shows. Watch this space.