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One of the biggest concerns many of our introducers have is how they advertise products that fall under FCA regulation in a fully compliant way.

We have produced a range of ideas covering mailers, flyers, emails and posters and these are all available to you free of charge. You only pay your own costs in issuing your chosen marketing piece.

All you need to do is let us know who your target market is and how you would like to reach them. We will then come up with some ideas for you to choose from.

The Marketing Toolbox is a FREE resource…
… to help your business grow. From bespoke white label web-sites, to posters, advertisements and leaflets, we want to make sure you will have all the tools you need to market yourself with success.

All marketing material for secured loans is fully compliant with the rules laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Here are a few tips to help you when planning or implementing your marketing campaigns…

Testing and Measuring
It is essential that you test and measure every aspect of your marketing and learn from your results. If something isn’t working… Stop it!

Direct Response Advertising
Use Direct Response Advertising. The purpose of this is that it produces clear results so that you can immediately tell if its working or not.

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are just four ways to build a network of loyal customers. You can keep in contact with them with the minimum of cost.

Remember AIDA: A: Attention I: Interest D: Desire A: Action

If you follow this simple formula in every advert you produce it will greatly increase your chance of success.

Telephone Marketing
Target your potential customer and obtain data lists to call. Are you contacting your existing client database on a regular basis?

Remember if you follow up a mailing with a telephone call you can improve results by 50 - 1000% (yes 1,000 percent!).

E-mail Marketing
Each client that you come in contact with ensure you collect their information effectively, including their email addresses (and their permission to email!) Email marketing is an extremely cost effective way to market your business to your clients.

Direct Mail
Has fallen out of favour in recent years with the increase in email marketing, but we believe it to be an incredibly good way of marketing your products as you will have so little competition.

Start by mailing your existing client bank as this will produce the best results, then purchase target data and mail potential clients. Always ensure you measure your response. Start small but think big!

Press Release (PR)
Why use PR?.. Its FREE! Target your publication and write your PR in that style. Remember to follow up your PR with a telephone call to the publication, you won't always have a piece that is published, but persistence lowers resistance!

Don't follow the competition
Unless you know for certain their advertising is working effectively. If not you could be wasting as much money as they are!

Be clear on your Purpose
Be clear on the purpose of your business. It should be to add real value to the lives of your clients. Don’t tell the client how great you are, tell them how you are going to add real value to them, how you can bring real benefit to them.

An easy way to ensure you are continually focused on the benefits to your clients is FAB.

F: Features A: Advantages B: Benefits

However you choose to market your company ensure your focus is FAB!

As always, we are here to provide help and advice if you need it. To get started you must register and be approved to introduce to us. If you need help call us on 0800 810 1666.

Please note marketing literature and websites are only available to intermediaries authorised and regulated by the FCA.

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